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So So Soooooo Sorry February 18, 2009

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Hey y’all so sorry its been so long since I’ve bogged anything new, our computer at home is so slow its impossible to work with. But I’m here at church bogging now and that’s all that matters.


At The Chattanooga Aquarium!!! August 21, 2008

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My summer trip!!!

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Right before school started I got to go on this so cool, great, fun filled trip with my Nana and Papa to Chattanooga. We did all kinds of great stuff you will see in my pics !!!:)


The so so so cool smart car!!! August 17, 2008

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I love this pink smart car! This is what I want when I can drive!!! SOOOOO cute is it not?


My crazy hair July 29, 2008

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Friday was my field day at school and I had the idea to get some colored hairspray and use it in my hair , blue my favorite color looked great . Everybody loved it!!! Baylee\'s funny hairThe back of Baylee\'s funny cool hair


My very own song!!! ”Glorify Him” June 24, 2008

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I have been playing some guitar and this song just came to me as if God gave it to me and said ”hear you wrote this song and now use it to glorify me and share my word with people!!!” I love this song and my Savior who inspired me to write this song!!! I also want to thank my dad who taped me singing my song. This song is about how when people who know God, see something great they can tell it was from the Lord but when lost people see that same thing they make up an excuse like in the song: “its just the sun”, and the song is saying that’s why we should Glorify God cause he is are Savior and when people who are lost see us glorify Him their hearts may be changed and come to know the Lord, but when we fall and drift away from him and become worldly those same lost people who saw you glorifying God to start with and then see you drifting away from church and the Lord they think ” Man if that’s what a person who loves the Lord acts like then I’m not sure I want to know God.” HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!


FUN in the pool!!! May 12, 2008

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Baylee just chillenBaylee jumping off diving boardZoeyKinsley

Me and my 3 other sisters swam Friday and Saturday afternoon when the pool was only 70 and 75 degrees!!! We finally got used to the water after an hour, and an hour later when we all got out we had blue lips.